Let’s Do It Foundation and Tallinn University are inviting you to join the First Estonian Zero Waste Conference in Tallinn on the 14th of September, 2022. Apply until July 3rd midnight CET!

Our international team of experts has put together Zero Waste Ambassador and Trainer curricula and the materials to support them. At this conference we will introduce all this and more!

The conference offers discussions, networking with like-minded people and interactive workshops. By the end of it, we hope you will be both inspired and be better equipped to make systemic changes within your organisation, community or among your learners!

The conference is open for everyone, but the content is most relevant to:
- Representatives of local municipalities and ministries
- Local and regional development centres
- Educators and trainers
- Higher education representatives
- Environmental organisations and initiatives

Read more about the conference in here.

The conference will be held in English* and is free of charge for the accepted participants.
* Some workshops will be held also in Estonian.

Application time is open until July 3rd midnight CET! All applicants will be notified by July 6th about the selection results.
Participants need to cover their own transport, accommodation and other related costs to get the the conference.

The event is organised in the framework of the BEZWA (Building a European Zero Waste Academy) project with the aim to introduce the project’s results to a wider public and funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme.

On the day before the conference, on September 13th (afternoon) there's a possibility to take part in a field trip in Tallinn to reuse and recycling sites for a price of 10€. Would you be interested in joining?


All workshops are happening in parallel, so you can take part in only one of them.
Duration of all the workshops: 9.00-13.00 
All workshops are held in English.
Price per person: 40€

Improv theatre methods - upskill your public performance and teaching

Trainers: Toivo Värbu and Kadri Kalle, Ruutu10 improv school
Mainly useful for: educators, trainers, or anyone else wanting to get better at communication, being creative and authentic with their learners
What is the workshop about: Communication is something where we can always improve ourselves. Apart from being a form of comedy, improv theatre can help us become better listeners and team players or simply less critical towards ourselves and our mistakes. And of course, also helps us to become better improvisers in general. The beauty of improv is that it gives the possibility to train these skills in a fun and playful manner. Plus you can learn some ice-breaking and energizer games. Lots of laughter guaranteed.

How to teach about complex problems using methods that truly support learning

Trainer(s): Grete Arro and/or Mihkel Kangur, Tallinn University
Mainly useful for: educators, trainers, or anyone who needs to help people understand complex problems (like circular economy, food systems, biodiversity, and so on)
What is the workshop about: Most of our current environmental challenges are related to understanding complex systems, which assumes thinking of emergence, non-linear interactions, adaptivity, and other properties that do not characterize simpler systems. This requires methods that allow learners to think deeply, discover their misconceptions and construct and test new knowledge themselves. In this workshop, some main principles that help to do that will be introduced and of course, everything will be done in a practical manner so get ready for some active thinking and brain work.

Introduction to Circular Design (CIRCO methodology)

Trainer: Kadi Kenk, Let’s Do It Foundation
Mainly useful for: businesses wanting to implement circularity and teachers who want to learn more about how to teach circularity to companies 
What is the workshop about: CIRCO is a circular design method that facilitates companies to take the first step in creating business in a circular economy. A tool for businesses to innovate and for policymakers to fuel the circular transition. A highly interactive workshop in which you see how to identify circular opportunities and experience how to take concrete first steps in the development of circular products, services, and business models with circular business models and design strategies.
See more about CIRCO: www.CIRCOnl.nl

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