Data privacy

Data Privacy

mLearn 2021 is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Tallinn University Conference Centre is responsible for the management, storage and deletion of personal data related to mLearn 2021. The principles of data management are described below.

  1. The name and affiliation of keynote speakers and Organising Committee are shown publicly on the conference webpage.
  2. The name, affiliation and country of all participants is shown to all participants during the conference. This data is used for conference management and networking.
  3. The name, affiliation, country and e-mail address of all participants, and the title of the presentation and the session of all presenters is used for communication purposes of the current and forthcoming mLearn events.
  4. Data about actual participation is used for management purposes of the current conference. This data is stored by Tallinn University Conference Centre and accessed by the members of the Organising Committee and will be deleted latest by Dec 31st 2021.
  5. The phone number of all participants is used in exceptional circumstances for management purposes of the current conference by Tallinn University Conference Centre. This information is deleted latest by Dec 31st 2021.
  6. Details on participation fee payment are used for organising and bookkeeping purposes. Tallinn University Conference Centre will store bookkeeping data for 7 years according to the law.
  7. Credit card details are handled by MAKSEKESKUS, the official partner of Tallinn University for credit card payments, who is responsible for related data security and deletion.

Tallinn University data processing information and data protection conditions can be found here.