RIT Summit-Neurocine Conference 2024

RIT Summit Baltic NeuroCine Conference 23-24 April

RIT Summit 25-26 April


RIT Summit Baltic NeuroCine Conference 23-24 April 2024

Tallinn University/FilmEU welcomes scholars and creative professionals to contribute to the RIT Summit Baltic NeuroCine Conference. The conference aims to foster interdisciplinary research on cinematic storytelling, film viewing, and related first-person experiences. Alongside the conference call, we are also opening a call for papers for the special issue on "Cinematic Minds Behind the Screens", which will be published by the International Journal of Film and Media Arts (IJFMA), Vol. 10 No. 2.

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RIT Summit 25-26 April 2024

The third FilmEU_RIT Summit is taking place at Tallinn University, Estonia, from April 25th to 26th. This event is hosted by the Baltic Film, Media and Arts School (BFM) and is preceded by the RIT Summit Baltic NeuroCine Conference which is organised by the Artistic Research and Cognitive Film Studies pilot project. Attendees are welcome to participate in the full four-day program, or opt only for the Summit days - whichever best fits your interests and schedule.

Program & info


Conference organising committee, NeuroCineBFM@tlu.ee
Tallinn University Training and Conference Centre, conference@tlu.ee

Photo by Tallinn University

Contact: NeuroCineBFM@tlu.ee



Deadline for Doctoral Summer Seminar proposals:
4 March 2024

Registration for the Summit is open: 
22 February - 8 April 2024

RIT Summit:
25-26 April 2024


Deadline for proposals:
11 February 2024

Acceptance of abstracts to the NeuroCine conference and/or to the IJFMA journal:
20 February 2024

Registration for the conference is open: 
22 February - 8 April 2024

2nd RIT Summit Baltic NeuroCine Conference:
23-24 April 2024

Submit full manuscripts for blind peer review
following IJFMA submission guidelines: 

30 May 2024

Resubmit date for revisions for IJFMA:
20 September 2024